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Hungry NOT Homeless

We go into the homes to feed the hungry!

About Us

Hungry Not Homeless is a Non Profit that focuses on kids and families who may have a home, but who are in need of food to survive.

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Your donation can help save the life of a family in need for food and change their life. Thank you for your life changing gift.


Want to take action and be a part of the change? Join today and be the helping hand these families need Memphis, TN!

Our Mission

To serve the diverse needs of the community through programs that help families who have homes but need food.

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Our Services

Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry is a compassionate initiative established in the heart of our town with the invaluable goal of providing significant support to families and individuals in need. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our pantry is fully stocked with a wide array of nutritional and wholesome food options to cater to the unique needs of every family.

Food Drop Off's

Our company takes pride in our commitment to serving the community. As a part of this commitment, we have assigned a number of our trusty drivers to operate a fleet of well-maintained trucks that serve as a means to deliver essential food supplies to families in need across the city. Each day, our drivers make several stops to ensure that our community members experiencing food insecurity have access to nutritious and high-quality food items.


Our organization is committed to helping families in need by providing them with the necessary resources to survive. We provide food, supplies, and women with sanitary needs to ensure that they have what they need to get by. Our mission is to help those who are struggling and to make a positive impact in their lives. We understand the importance of meeting basic needs, especially during difficult times, and we strive to make a difference by providing assistance to those who need it.